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Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery is the expanded form of YABTCL. Basically it says that it is needed to know regarding this game. It is found that the layout of this Bitcoin game is considerably more user friendly. “YABTCL” is the most “Provably Fair Lottery System” on the internet. There is one plus point that the members can be able to play without registering an account, which is offering a fair degree of anonymity for the players for wishing to keep their adventures under wraps.

When it comes to play, the player must know the basics of this lottery game. Only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 24:00 UTC on every week the draws will be held. An aggregate of 6 out of 67 numbers are drawn and the tickets will be available for snapping up at differing prices. Just for 0.001 BTC the lowest of these will goes on sale. The members will be choosing in between 6 and 16 numbers on their ticket. The player is required for landing at least 2 of the numbers on their tickets for winning anything and everything.

The players will be required a Bitcoin Wallet address before depositing into an account. Even there are no limitations for higher or lower deposits.

The entire winnings are going to be credited for the players account. The amount that won will be revealed in a table against the several numbers that the player went into the draw per ticket line, that translates into shares of the jackpot.

The payouts are needed for being worth at least 0.0000543 BTC. The player can be able to withdraw the winnings into any Bitcoin wallet address.

When it comes to bonuses and promos, they are not that much encouraging at this Bitcoin Lottery site. However, the players can be able to obtain a few free satoshis, if they have less than 2000 of their own in their account. For every 10 minutes, up to 2,000 free satoshis will be provided for the gameplay. By means of availing this option, the house edge will be enhanced up to 1%. Whoever contributes with the website language translation can be able to obtain a few bonuses just here and there. As of now, YABCTL can be played in English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, and German respectively. Whoever can be able to translate the game into other languages, then there will be a chance of reward with bonuses.

The Customer Support is somewhat limited. One can be able to contact them via email. The contact us link upon the homepage will be taking directly towards them. Whoever needs instant assistance, for them Twitter and Facebook page have even been set up in the name of this game.

YABCTL is the leading Bitcoin lottery game upon the internet, and it is offering the free and instant lottery gameplay for its players and as well as the main draws too. This website worth for looking for the players to bet on lottery games with Bitcoins.

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