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The general thought behind TerraGreen is to make earth (terra) a greener place. But in a unique way using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We want to revolutionize the concept of how the production of green energy occurs. Also, then how customers utilize it.

TerraGreen is against using current methods of energy production via fossil fuels. Instead, it uses renewable energy which is generated from waste materials.

Climate Change and It’s Effects

Environmental stress to earth has induced an urgent quest for innovation in the energy structure on a global scale. As indicated by the 148 nations who confirmed the Paris Climate Accord. There is profound interest in future. As these nations agreed to fulfill its responsibility by capping GHG emissions as soon as possible.

It isn’t that easy for companies and governments addressing global warming. Measures they took are often spoiled with controversial, inconsistent policies, and conflicting interest.

People have put enough trust and hope on companies and government to bring change. Users have no control over the generation of energy. And lead the way of generation of green energy to mitigate the worst effect of climate change.

In hindsight, the enormity of global warming is due to a gulf between the energy users and producers. The users have no authority over the generation of energy. And thus, they have to rely on the companies or governments depth for managing the energy supply.

It is common, that climate change has an adverse effect on future generation. For a long time, the use of traditional measures has proven inaccurate.

How Will TerraGreen Help Fighting Climate Change?

TerraGreen is all about modifying the existing energy supply structure. And establish a new energy system that can reduce GHG emissions and waste pollution. All this with the help of blockchain technology.

TerraGreen is an ecosystem, where renewable energies are tokenized and the community can use it in exchange for fiat currency or payment for energy consumed. But not only this but also, we want to use the blockchain technology in a way that users can track the energy production and for what purpose it is used.

Our intention is to create transparency between energy producers and consumers. So, that people get involved and influence the production of energy.

After all, TerraGreen’s purpose is to create a green and clean community. In this community, consumers will be able to take part in the renewable energy industry in a positive way.

It’s all in our own interest to stop the pollution by coal and oil and move to an age of renewable energies. We have only one earth and we need to take good care of it.

How Waste Market Is Affecting Our Environment?

If you watch the news daily then you will get to know that waste is one of the most critical problems for us already. Our population is growing very high and so does the need for food and energy. And hence the production of waste materials is growing fast too. This development is not viable and is already having a great impact on us and earth.

Due to the need for energy, people tend to forget the supply chain behind their consumption. Everyone is happy if power is coming out of the outlet and waste vanishes. We all trust that it will be important soon and that it’s done in a cleaner way. But it is sad that nobody cares about it much.

Instead of trusting companies, it makes a lot more sense to give tools to the community. So that the community will be able to witness, control and get involved in the matter.

What can bring change in us?

If people see themselves what impact it has on our environment.

If they don’t use unnecessary plastic or what kind of generated waste it is all along supply chains. (for example, agricultural waste)

With such small steps, we can bring a needy change to the piles of waste we are living on.

Important Steps by TerraGreen To Save Planet Earth.

TerraGreen has signed contracts with several renewable energy developers in the ASEAN region. Names like AVI Renewable SdnBhd, Ajil Biofuel SdnBhd, and Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd. These companies are researching and developing the latest green technology. They have been developing many renewable energy plants in the past few years.

We have recruited several members from these companies as technology and project advisers. Hence, we have a huge benefit in gaining knowledge and experience from experts.

With the help of raised funds, TerraGreen will be able to understand the projects which are explained in the Green Paper, with the partner companies.

We can further use the platform to raise more funds for future projects and start to scale up. In the near future we, we expect other companies to join the concept. We also want them to use the platform to expand more renewable energy infrastructure.

Also, to the tokenized energy we introduce a platform coin. This token will have connection with every transaction between the participants. This TerraGreen will stabilize and secure the system. Additionally, it will be beneficiary to the coin holders and investors. To support new projects, investors have to invest via this platform coin, raising the coin value in the exchange return.



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