Kim Dotcom pushes for the use of Bitcoin Cash

Many will remember how, in the early 2000s, the Australian programmer Kim Schimtz, later renamed Kim Dotcom, had invented the Megaupload service.

This platform had completely revolutionized (indeed, introduced for the first time in our culture) streaming: suddenly, millions of films and television programs ended up on the net, completely modifying our routine. 2012, however, saw the arrest of the owner, who in the following years came back with other applications based on cryptocurrency. In particular, the idea of ​​KIM assumes some importance, which in the intentions should become a platform of great importance.

The KIM platform

The KIM platform was launched in 2016, at the same time as the collection of 850 thousand euros during the related token sale (which at the time took place on Bitfinex). These tokens are called “KDC”, where KDC is the acronym of Kim Development Coin. The KIM platform has the mission of monetizing digital content, both by those who produce them and by those who use that given content, regardless of whether it is shared on a page of the network or on a social network. media, to form a system in which creators and consumers can use a single platform in which to access and download content. The platform, moreover, seems to be tailor-made for new technologies, based on different integrated systems and blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Lightning Network, as well as Liquid Network.

The implementation of Bitcoin Cash

The integration of Bitcoin Cash on the platform is a few weeks ago, the launch of which is expected by the end of 2021. The use of this coin will allow the KIM platform to have greater speed and extremely low fees, in line with the characteristics of the famous variant of Bitcoin. I’m herewith officially joining the effort to make Bitcoin Cash the leading electronic cash solution in the world. I will help to accelerate the use of BCH with real world and online vendors and to increase the user base. I know how to do this.

Kim Dotcom in favor of Bitcoin Cash

The eclectic Australian activist, moreover, seems to be serious about his intentions, given that his tweet in which he states that he is officially joining the efforts to make BCH the leading e-money solution is eloquent. He also promised that he will help accelerate the use of the coin in the real world and with online sellers, as well as increase the coin’s user base. He also expressed his views on why BCH is better than BTC, noting that it has lower fees, fast transactions, is safe and very easy to use. He concluded by noting that BCH ticked all the boxes when he conducted his search for the coin to support, adding that BCH had already been rolled out with over 100,000 vendors, with the number growing rapidly. Why Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin Kim? Later, he then gave an interview in which he states that “My opinion is that the use of crypto is on the rise and BCH is in a good position to accumulate market share. For me it’s simple: the more users you have, the more value you have. The winners of the crypto race will be decided by the merchants and users. Focus on the fundamental question: What do sellers and users want? Low commissions, fast transactions, high security and ease of use “.

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