About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency



The Kikicoin project is a business directory currency that powers businesses on the business directory platform with application and use spreading to franchise, media,  ecommerce, real estate, events and  ticketing, jobs and freelance, agriculture, business social networking, business artificial intelligence, amongst other application in the business and client ecosystem.

We have pioneered the new “Dawdling” technique; a new method in the industry, which is an extended token distribution method to ensure that our token remain relevant and long-term usability is achieved.

A purchase of the KIKI is a purchase of a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power plus never loose this opportunity to buy into the KIKI.

Here is what we have inducted into the KIKI for Kikicoin (KIKI) holders

1. Become a part in the growth and the expansion of the several
other businesses and opportunities that we power.
2. Monthly airdrops to KIKI holders as rewards based on profits.
3. Discounts on services
4. Dividends(become part of a larger profit pool brought about by
the KIKI ecosystem) by holding Kikicoin.


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