About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Greencoin is Committed to Solving Real Problems in the World Using Blockchain Technology & Smart Contracts


Greencoin (GNC) is a platform focused on connecting green systems manufacturers and installation
companies or certified individuals directly with buyers around the world that will help combat the main
problems that humans face today.
The Greencoin platform simplifies the generation of potential customers and B2C interactions through the
administration of an offer / request ecosystem, decentralized Escrow support based on Blockchain and
implementation of rules and standards established to do business through smart contracts. It is a
knowledge exchange platform on demand with a decentralized market enabled for small and large
The world is fast becoming a global village due to the increasing daily requirement of energy by all
population across the world while the earth in its form cannot change. The need for energy and its related
services to satisfy human social and economic development, welfare and health is increasing. Returning
to renewables to help mitigate climate change is an excellent approach which needs to be sustainable in
order to meet energy demand of future generations.
Greencoin offers a great solution to environmental problems, nourishment for humans, fuel (gasoline),
and electricity. Its ultimate goal is to create a productive environment, an autonomous, decentralized
and business-focused community using the power of Blockchain Technology for the distribution
of systems that help the sustainable development of the planet.
With the use of Blockchain Technology and smart contracts, the Greencoin platform is transparent, open
and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction costs and business costs, and
simplification of the purchase process. It offers a lot of benefits to buyers, including access to local
systems installers, high quality green systems and products, decentralized and secure payments, and
access to the global market. GNC platform also offers great benefits to manufacturers and installers,
which include a unified ready-to-use interface, global advertising network, access to international buyers,
marketing expenses reduction, payment convenience, and a large clientele.

Greencoin project has concrete plans and teams ready for expansion. The plan is to conquer all the
promising markets for the use of green systems. With a highly effective business strategy and tactics, It
will be created a positive chain network reaction where all partner businesses will get more customers and
more orders. Buy GNC tokens today and become a participant!
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