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BitDice was opened its gates in the year of 2014 with an aspiration of becoming an exemplar in the BItcoin Casino industry. This Bitcoin has been active for a longer tenure ever since it was launched. So, within these years what it has achieved? What are its accomplishments? Wouldn’t it be finer to check out about the entire things in this exclusive BitDice appraisal.

BitDIce is a classic dice game, which is having a differing feel regarding it. It wont give an appearance of a routine run-of-the-mill platform, that the players generally encountering these days. This is not at all a white label gaming product. That means whatever the things that the player happens to see and reaches is made from the abrasion. This is very much clear that BitDice is offering a never ending casino solutions for its clients, wherein commencing active researches and identifying grey areas for improving the existing casino industry problems will be always remains a priority.


 Though BitDice is a little bit cluttered, it functions well. It will be taking a while for making sense of the screen. The deposit and withdrawal buttons are fine and larger and easier for spotting, which is an important feature of the site. The betting screen for dice is logically laid out and is convenient for use.


 BitDice is having an average betting speed. They possess a very large minimum betting and the betting speed. The UI is so responsive and will be reacted quickly for whatever the action the player performs on the site.


BitDice has no public API. The bot is connected straightly to the websocket and is interacting with it for placing betting and getting the user info. BitDice is having on multiple instances which have changed their DDOS protection that is making things problematic for the bot to connect.


 This classic dice game is the first to implement the Kelly Investment system and continuing for accepting the investments for its bankroll, which currently stands above 3600 BTC. The player will be earning 70% of the commissions from the profits as as investor.


 BitDice official website handles for making a mark of its own by means of providing an easily navigable experience. This design would be simple and elegant and is featuring in several helpful services like as an automated betting robot and crowd investing option.

An innovative Websocket Technology is even featured by BitDice, by means of which it helps BitDice for executing almost 20 to 30 bets per second upon a good internet connection.


 This casino had obtained a license to go public in Costa Rica. This is a very prominent thing for ensuring a security cover for the players. In addition to that, BitDice remains as a tested Provably Fair platform, wherein only random number generation strategies are made for offering to the results of each bet. For the purpose of protecting the clients funds, Bitdice has taken a decision for integrating Trezor cold wallet storage solution for safeguarding the players from online attacks. This is in addition to 2-Factor-Authentication. This is a welcoming decision as it is a unique cold storage solution.


 BitDice is having a generous house edge of only 0.8% that is clearly the lowest that is witnessed. This is proving that BitDice house edge is real and consistent.


 When it comes to bonuses BitDice is having a plentiful to offer. Though this platform is not relying on Welcome or sign-up bonuses that much, it is even managing to impress the players with bonuses which really matters during a bet.

Loss Back, Daily Treasure Chest and Jackpot are the other bonuses which are available at BitDice.

BitDice is even featuring an innovative Rain System, that enables the users for tipping each other.


 Though the players does not need an account for playing freely at BitDIce, the players are required to have an account, hence the players can be able to play with real coins. Here, the signing up is easier and the players are needed an email, username, and a password. For making a deposit, the players are required to have a Bitcoin Wallet. The payments here are on wallet-to-wallet basis. Therefore, the players can be able to expect the transactions for going smoothly and quickly.

A good feature, that is to be worth mentioning about this website is that it allows all kinds of wallets. The minimum amount that the player can be able to deposit is 0.0001 BTC. If at all if the player plays BitDice by using Bitcoin and other currencies, then the player’s deposits will be appearing after one confirmation.

For cashing out, the player just needs to click the cash out button and then must enter the amount to be withdrawn and the player’s Bitcoin wallet address. The player is even needed for knowing their will be a levying charging of 0.0002 BTC for every payout that the player makes.


 BitDice can be played by availing Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum respectively. Choosing any one the above crypto currency choices, the players are ensured to have a nice time betting with the most popular units of digital money today.


The fine method for reaching the BitDice for assistance is thru email. This casino is ensuring for responding within a span of 24 hours.

 On the whole, BitDice is emerging as a very fine option if the players are looking for a hindrance free and speedy Bitcoin Betting. The notable plus points of this casino are the decent gaming, security, auto-betting, and speedy bets. This site is almost having no setbacks. BitDIce is evolving upon weekly basis and is adding new functionality on every month. Besides, the site itself is navigable and is giving the players the prominent information regarding the casino. It is revealing that they are giving prominence for transparency. Even the games here are Provably Fair and the Payouts happens to be very fast.

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