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The Roulette Game can be considered as one of the oldest casino games of opportunity. Among the high class society, this game has become very popular, when appeared at brick and mortar casinos. With the technological improvements, this game even found its way on the Internet and as well as on the mobile casinos. As the popularity of this game increased, at many Internet casinos, the different varieties of roulette games can at present be played, which is inclusive of those that is allowing only Bitcoin currency. It is easier, simplistic, and apart from that safer and anonymous to play Roulette with Bitcoins. The player is not required to divulge any sensuous information such as personal and financial details for playing roulette games, the player if selects Bitcoin for deposits, hence, the player is safeguarded.

The Method Of Playing Roulette With Bitcoins

  For playing real money Bitcoin Roulette, the player first of all needs to sign up with an online casino, which accepts Bitcoins and upload Bitcoin into the player’s casinos account thru the Bitcoin address that is provided. Furthermore, rarely there are any transaction costs that has to be paid for these sort of transactions and they will be processed in a rapid manner.

The player later on, loading the account with money, will have to go for favorite Bitcoin Roulette game for placing a bet. The player since playing online, if assumes the winning number, the casino will be automatically paying off the winning betting and the player will be notified, that the player won in a separate region of the screen.

The Variations Of Roulette Game

 The Roulette lovers must enjoy the play at Bitcoin casinos. Four variations of the Roulette games are prevailed. The players can enjoy the thrilling experience by playing them. These games will provide the players the classic roulette feeling and a few novelties for the players who are very much fond of a change. These games are subjected for regular verification, that can be played for real money or for fun and frolics. The four variations of theses games are given as follows:

European Roulette

 The player is offered a classic table that is consisting of numbers from 1 to 36, along with one green zero. A few of the betting prospects includes Red Splits, Black Splits, Snake, and Finales respectively. 0.5 or mBTC would be the minimum betting, whereas the maximum betting is fixed at 300 mBTC.

American Roulette

The table of the American Roulette, that is quiet similar to European Roulette will offers the numbers from 1 to 36. Here, the visitors can be able to see the double zero green field, that is situated next to the single zero. The general bets can be placed by the customers on single or neighbouring numbers, blacks, reds, odds, evens etc. The minimum betting is set at 0.5 mBTC and the maximum is fixed at 300 mBTC.

Common Draw Roulette


This is an exquisite gameplay and a chat window, with a minimum betting fixed at 1 mBTC and a maximum betting st at 150 mBTC. This is a genuine treat for the players. Here, the players, unlike the other game variations, can receive the bonus games and free spins.

Live Roulette

For the purpose of providing a real gaming experience the beautiful and professional dealers will be available at 24/7.  The player can be able to choose for playing with Spanish or English dealer, and can be able to communicate with them thru the chat window, for placing the bets in between 1 mBTC and 400 mBTC respectively.