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 BetterBet is an online casino website with its own uniqueness. By having link with the Bitcoin wallet Money Pot, this site will not be looking or feeling like any of the most popular Bitcoin casinos out there. BetterBets is a fine choice for those members, who are in the market for an inimitable selection of Provably Fair Games and the fine payment systems around.


The players can be able to find the daily happy hours. This means “Happy Hour” is defined as a “Thank You” for playing on the website and running from 6 PM TO 7 PM EST. Basically, happy hour lowers the house edge for just to 0.25%. BetterBets is giving the player a fine chance for winning by lowering the house edge. If the player is smart enough about it, then there would be a chance of increasing the betting during Happy Hour and can earn more money. However, one has to stake more for winning more. Because, there is no question of worrying about wagering needs or restricted games. It means the players are at liberty for playing as they wish.


 Each game of this BetterBets is backed by Bitcoin Technology. The players can be able to bet in mBTC/BTC and can enjoy the Provably Fair Software. If it comes to Bitcoin Casino games, that the player finds at BetterBets will be playing the following games:

DICE: At this game, the player’s duty is to give an answer for the question and placing a bet on the player’s predicted result. Provided if the player gets it right then, there will be a chance of winning. So, it is simple!

HORSE RACING: This game is entirely about picking the right horse. Each runner will be having a fixed odds, that is based on their opportunities of winning and if the player is in a capacity for making a right pick, then the player will be getting a return on the investment made.

PLINKO: In this game, the players are required to face with a pyramid of lights with a selection of odds, that are listed at the bottom. The player’s job starts betting with the ball that it will lands. If the player prediction is correct, wherein the ball will drop, then the player will be getting a payout, that is based on the original odds displayed.

In addition to above listed games, BetterBets stands out for its external bots, that the player can be able to use for creating an automatic betting experience. Though the player cannot be able to play for free, there will be a chance of using bots for placing bets for the player at a stake, that the player desires for. This method gives the player an ability for earning more per hour. This is meant for seasoned players, who ever wants to win more. Hence it is fabulous.


It is to be remembered that BetterBets is surely an app, which leverages the power of Money Pot’s Bitcoin Wallet. Because of being a company that is based on blockchain technology, Money Pot basically has no choice, however, to be secure.

Besides this, BetterBets is offering Provably Fair Games. By availing the cryptographic algorithm like SHA256 hash algorithm, BetterBets’ s software is able to pre compute the next betting. By means of this, the player can be able to test the legitimacy of any outcome in the system and can be proved that entire thing is 100% fair.

Finally, for ensuring the player’s bankroll for being always safe and secure, BetterBets is allowing the player for adding two factor authentication for the account. This feature will adds a second step for the login process. Upon the top of the standard password, the two-factor authentication method will be providing the player with an inimitable code each time when the player login. A typing of once in the code which is sent to the player’s mobile, can be reached to the account.


If the player is having any queries regarding the site, then they can reach the supporting team via email support option, or live chat feature or can be able to connect them with BetterBets thru social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is no matter, what ever may be the issue, there prevails plentiful of methods and means for resolving any kind of problems in a timely manner.


The first and the foremost thing to be done for joining at BetterBets is to become a member of Money Pot. It would be fine to know that the Money Pot will be ensuring the player’s transactions, that are controlled in the best possible methods.

By joining at BetterBets, the players will not only be receiving a fine way to play, but as well as a better set of cryptocurrency deposit options. As a result the players can be able to enjoy instant payouts and the high class security possible.

First of all, the first account is to be created, with Money Pot and then BetterBets is allowed for accessing this account. When once, the player is redirected to the BetterBets platform, then a click on the “deposit” option is to be made.

At this situation, the player can move mBits/mBTC from their wallet to their BetterBets account, if already funds are available. If there are no funds in the player’s Bitcoin wallet, then they can make a straight deposit for BetterBets by using a special QR code.

If this is not suiting to the player, then the player can be able to go for Money Pot for making a secure deposit by means of generating a Bitcoin address thru the player’s Money Pot dashboard and scanning a unique QR code.

Money Pots are not at all charging anything for making a deposit or a withdrawal.

On the whole, when it comes to payment methods, BetterBets are offering one of the most convenient systems around. Since, it is necessarily an extension of Money Pot, there is no delay between moving money from the player’s wallet to the casino account.


There is no any downloading required when the player joins at BetterBets. That means the player can be able to ante-up and play on the mobile whenever and wherever, they are using their PC, MAC or a mobile device like iPhone, Android or WIndows phone. At this moment, BetterBets is there to serve the players with an immediate effect.

 The players who even is having a notion of betting with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, however, the player wishes to do it in a method, which is absolutely differing from the norms, then BetterBets is for them exactly. This website is advised for those, who are exhausted with traditional online betting and fancy verifying skills in a unique way.

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