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Advantages Of Bitcoin Over Cash


It is unusual for anyone not to have an idea of how prominent Bitcoin has grown all around the World today. There are lots of investors trading the currency day in and day out.

The rapid increase the Cryptocurrency experienced in the year 2017 is unmatched. With the tremendous growth of Bitcoin came the influx of over 1,100 diverse computerized currencies.

Bitcoin is not just gaining popularity, but it is being chosen over the traditional fiat currencies such as the dollar, euro, etc.


Bitcoin’s Advantages Over Cash

So many people are accepting the Bitcoin as a payment method all around the globe. They have their reasons for choosing it over the normal currency. Some of these reasons include;

  • Decentralization

It is a currency that is not controlled or managed by the government or central bodies. This implies that its operations are executed by the traders and buyers alone, intermediaries are not involved.

The currency cannot undergo inflation artificially, and its value cannot be decreased by financial institutions. With no government manipulation, investors are not afraid of any devalue of the coin.

The coin has a limit supply of 21 million, and so there is no opportunity for it to fail. It is regarded as a universal digital currency. Hence, there is no interference between it and get politics.


  • Privacy Protection

Transactions executed using Bitcoin keeps the identity of the parties involved. While the transactions are transparent due to the public ledger documentation – the Blockchain, the Blockchain only offers data on how bitcoins are exchanged through the wallet addresses.

Due to the unavailability of individual’s private data, most individuals would rather carry out transactions via the crypto. While critics seem to say it boosts fraudulent payments, supporters think of it as giving value to confidentiality.


  • Freedom Of Transaction

Since there are no third parties involved, no one controls how an individual spends their bitcoins. Regular payments have limits related to the transactions. This could be based on the amount or the location of the person.

Fiat currencies sometimes undergo issues of being frozen by their intermediaries. Some establishment go-ahead to limit transactions that look unfavorable to them. For Bitcoin, it is different.

Users of Bitcoin have complete liberty to purchase or trade anything without restrictions.


  • Simple To Use

Utilizing digital currencies is straightforward. Fiat currencies are plagued with issues revolving around delay in transactions and bank inaccessibility. A user needs to be physically present in the bank to create an account.

For Bitcoin, payments can be transferred or received from smartphones or computers at the comfort of your home. While banks require cash to create accounts, Bitcoin simply involves downloading a digital wallet. Plus it is free.


  • Swift Transactions

The regular transfers are time-consuming. Transferring money from one continent to a different continent takes days or even weeks. For Bitcoin, it takes a couple of minutes. Simply clicking the send button and the receiver in China gets his or her bitcoins within minutes.


In Conclusion

So many people have come to realize that utilizing digital currencies is actually more comfortable and convenient. It is way better than using the regular cash. Like we have analyzed above, it has way more advantages and benefits than fiat currencies.

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