TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10) FORTUNE JACK CASINO fortunejack

Fortunejack Casino

Fortunejack is well known in the Bitcoin Gambling circles for its nicely designed user interface containing with plenty of fun games. Though this Bitcoin Casino provides 300 games on its gaming lobby, they are well built. Here, at this casino the deposits can be made in five different cryptocurrencies like wise Doge, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin and the little known Reddcoin respectively.


The mBit Casino was launched in the year of 2014. There is no doubt that as of now, mBit Casino is one of the renowned casinos that existed in the Bitcoin Gambling market. The fact that cannot be denied is that this casino offers the most innovative Bitcoin Casino games combined with an advanced gaming platform availed by the majority of the people from all over the world.


Betchain Casino is the right choice for the persons who aspires for picking up an appropriate Bitcoin Casino. This Bitcoin Gambling Casino currently offers with some of the best games, features and services to its patrons.  This casino has accomplished a big named in the industry for providing excellent games, wonderful features, great support, and lastly but not least a plenty of Bitcoin bonuses and promotions.


Betcoin brand is present around since from the year of 2014.  Since then, then the Bitcoin Casino bagged popularity in the industry, by providing other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum.  Since, from the launching day this casino is striving to offer extraordinary software and security.  The website is unlicensed and not regulated though several thousands of players have gamed at Betcoin without any hindrances.  There is no any issue complained as of now.


1xBit is an online Bitcoin Casino is gaining its reputation since, from the very first day of its launching in the year of 2011. This casino is licensed at Curacao.  This betting platform was one of the first adopters of the Bitcoin betting in the Bitcoin Gambling market. As on today its approval rating Is on a higher pedestal among the users of cryptocurrency.


MegaWins is an online Bitcoin Casino that launched back in the year 0f 2016 December.  MegaWins apart from offering Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, allows plenty of other currencies even, that includes GBP, EUR, and USD which can be deposited by means of a various payments methods likewise, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Maestro, Trustly, the PaySafe Card, Neteller, Ideal, Cubits, Sofort, Zimpler and yer many more.


PlayAmo is a recently started Bitcoin Casino, that is offering an extensive variety of gaming, with best deposit and withdrawal norms, astonishing bonuses, many number of payment methods, syndicated with an affiliate program and lastly but not less, capacity of earning massive amount of money provided, if wisely gambles.  The adapted language at this casino is English.  This is designed for the players who aspires for the more wagering.


Whoever is obsessed in Bitcoin Gambling market might be familiar with BitStartz that is one of the most renowned Bitcoin Casinos available as on today.  This casino is offering over 600 different games that are nicely designed, easy to play by providing entertainment at the same time.  This casino is granting its patrons hundreds of methods to have fun and plenty of options to earn money.


Bitsler is a highly popular Bitcoin betting platform which is very well associated with its famous dice game.  This Bitcoin Casino was launched in the the year of 2015 March.  Millions of Bitcoin dice obsessed players were been excited with its simple and alluring features.  This can be had on various platforms like desktop, tablet or mobile device.  Bitsler accepts banking in four cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and of course Bitcoin respectively.


MegaDice was established is the year of 2012. The inimitable feature at the MegaDice is the capacity to involve in betting directly on the Blockchain.  This Bitcoin Gambling casino has got its name as a classic within the Bitcoin circles.  Here, at this Bitcoin Casino no special no a special client is required to gamble. Even a web browser is not at all needed. The only required software is a Bitcoin Wallet.

BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

As of today, the players from all walks of like, from nook and corner of the world have, com to know about the revolutionary trends of the Bitcoin, that is metamorphosing the field of online Gambling. The runaway statement in a recent infographics states the reasons emphatically for the casino executors why, how and when respectively. It is to be remembered that Gambling is infinite and therefore, that would be forever. Though there exists plenty of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has risen extensively online gambling. Because, this digital currency is more advantageous over other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is good at allowing the creation of bets, that dwells upon the shared blockchain. It is already a known fact that, a player has to choose a right bitcoin casino for his online gambling needs. A right casino is always inclined to offer generous bonuses, no deposit bonuses, provably fair gaming, safety and security of the financial transactions, customer caring and so on. Now, there crops up a question like “what is a No Deposit Bonus?”.


A “No Deposit Bonus” can be defined as a Free Bonus, given by Bitcoin Casinos, that does not requires any deposit.

This lucrative offer is provided  to a fresh player as a “test money” even before he or she makes a deposit with Bitcoins upon their account.

How does the No Deposit Bonus functions?

For the purpose of rewarding the new casino players, those who have not deposited any Bitcoin with bonuses, the casino offers this scheme. To obtain this profitable offer, the player just required to do is to register as a new user by opening an account.

At this particular moment the new comer must be keen enough for not placing any Bitcoins upon this account. When once, this formality is completed, then, the player is entitled to receive the “No Deposit Bonus”.

Why Bitcoin Casinos obtained popularity with No Deposit Bonus?

Bitcoin Casinos providing the No Deposit Bonus are becoming very famous, since they get a lot of attention in the world of online gambling. Generally, players are very much fond of this type of bonus, since they don’t have to pay anything for starting a betting account by means of money to play for. Exactly, this means, this practice is devoid of any risk, while accepting the bonus. The advantages are plenty in Bitcoin Casinos, playing with No Deposit Bonus. A player is set at liberty, for scrutinizing the gaming with that of real money credits and also it is imminent for winning big. It is true that, the majority of the Bitcoin Casinos connect to tiny amounts of Satoshi or free spins. However, the best ones offers sufficient money for it, for making a difference to the player. By means of these free Bitcoin credits the player can able to test the bitcoin casino software and play by not risking his own Bitcoins. If the player is interested with the casino, he tends to continue with his own deposits.

A player is set at liberty, to move on, if he does not like the casino. To be simple in other words, it reveals the intelligence of a player, for looking at Bitcoin Casinos, who have No Deposit Bonuses, because these casinos are inclined to give an opportunity for a player, for verifying the casino’s platform for free and later on, the player can choose the one Best Bitcoin Casino which may suits the player perfectly. On the other hand if a player tend to pay for himself for each and every game, that is played in the testing process, that may prove much expensive. If such is the case, there will be many number of players, who tend to settle with the second best. After visiting plenty of Bitcoin Casinos, that are offering No Deposit Bonus, a prospective player can decide, where he is required to play, without even touching the usual gaming budget.


Once upon a time, to be exact, not long ago, the players who used to live in the United states had tough time for reaching and playing casino games online. So, they availed for funding their casino accounts, by using their debit or credit cards. However, the American Banks started for blocking the gambling payments, that resulted in causing troubles for them to make deposits.

But, now, as of today, the scenario is different, as the Bitcoin resolved the issue. As a result, the entire online casino transactions in the US are anonymous with this triumphant digital currency. Since, with the arrival of Bitcoins, the US based players could able to make a deposit for their online casino accounts and even possessed the capacity of withdrawing the entire winnings out of their online gambling account in an instant manner, by not experiencing any kind of nuisance.


A plenty of different online Bicoin Casinos are prevailed, which are offering the American players the capacity for using and playing a variety of gaming, the moment they fund their account with Bitcoins, by enabling them for having a large plethora of exhilarating casino gaming. A US based promising Bitcoin Casino is there, to allow the players from the entire nook and corner of the world, by issuing an unbelievable 300% of Welcome Bonus.

There is even an US based Bitcoin Casino, that is offering more than 100 Bitcoin games with a high quality. The entire casino players from across the globe are surely welcomed, to be entertained by any of these gaming. And to be precise, a one more top-notch Bitcoin casino is filled with enchanting gaming, that allows any player experience premium betting, and as well as high payout rates.

To be honest, these US based friendly Bitcoin Casinos are completely offering the best gaming experience for the players from across the world. They are enabling everybody, including the casino players from the US to feel free for enjoying these exciting online gaming at the Best Bitcoin Casino Sites.


Many number of discussions have taken place about the different issues, that has surrounded the Bitcoin Gambling. Exclusively, when it comes to the legal matters. Bitcoin, tends to introduce a new mode of payment system, that is at present being enjoyed by the plenty of casino admirers across the globe. But even then, there are some section of the people, who are questioning about the legality of this digital currency, saying that this cryptocurrency is decentralized. A question that tend to arise is, “is Bicoin Gambling Legal?”. a brief answer would be as follows:

Betting upon the gaming with Bitcoins hires the crucial principle of online bitcoin casino gaming. The fact, is almost similar with other types of betting upon the web. For instance, a wager, that is placed for paying a round of any Bitcoin powered game online, hoping to wind and collect the rewards afterwards. But, like traditional online casinos, Bitcoin online gambling sites avails the Bitcoins, despite of fiat currencies likewise USD and EUR among others.

Though, the Bitcoin Casinos and the Betting sites tends to use the virtual currency, that does not mean to say that the business and its services are illegal. It would be quiet necessary for taking not of the fact that the Bitcoin Gambling Laws are fundamentally similar like the gambling norms that are governed by the traditional online casinos. So, therefore, the isolation of Bitcoin as a payment method from the legal point of view of online gambling. Also, the wagering availing USD must not be considered differently from betting with BTC.

Now, there is on more question like “what makes Bitcoin Gambling Legal?”. The answer for this query can be suitable as follows:

Before placing bets upon any casino upon the web, it is a general practice to involve in the gambling norms, terms and conditions respectively. Right at this moment, it is to be remembered that, the entire online casinos have their own set of rules and regulations, that each bettor, should abide by them. Therefore, try to possess a vast knowledge of this casino’s guidelines. This would be an essential step for avoiding any kind of confusion and misunderstanding pertaining to Bitcoin Gambling.

It must be understood that Bitcoin Casinos and the regular online casinos may or may not be sharing the one and the same rules as well as provisions and norms. This results in finding the gambling sites, which allows the players from US, while some casinos still rejecting for offering them their Bitcoin gambling services. In addition to that, there exists some Bitcoin Casinos, who are very much strenuous with the Bitcoin age limit of players, who are supposed to wager upon their gaming, while there are even those that tends to provide their services for just about anybody who are in possession of a Bitcoin Wallet.

The central idea here, is that a bettor is needed to follow the gambling law, that is imposed in the jurisdiction. Hence, if the country, where the player is staying, is restrained from Bitcoin Gambling, then it is strictly not allowed. But, the rules recommending this, have not been implemented. So, playing casino games, by availing Bitcoins is surely legal.

And from another side, Bitcoin is witnessed by the legal authorities as a commodity, but not as a currency, instead of being an online digital currency, that is used as a paying method in gambling and in other sectors. This in fact still permits for legal Bitcoin Gambling, and so, it restrains the possibilities of breaking the law by simply placing a wager in Bitcoins.

At the present scenario, the revolutionary trends of the Bitcoin, has completely changed the world of online Gambling. Because, Bitcoin is one of the most important invention in the entire human history. For the first time, that has been enabled that anybody is able to send send or receive the amount of money with anyone else, and also anywhere upon this planet, with utmost convenience and without restrictions. Hence, it can be termed to be as a dawn of a better, more free world. It is sure that, betting upon the casino games with Bitcoin is gradually but surely becoming a global trend. This is captivating profuse number of Bitcoin users to involve in this entertaining online roll, and it can be able to handle for encouraging the bitcoin casino admirers for jumping ship to wagering, by availing this digital currency. Lastly, but not least, this topic can be fruitfully concluded, by re-iterating that, the Bitcoin Gambling is surely upon a roll, that it proves for being a great method of earning some Bitcoins to play more and have a memorable time, by without facing any security and payment troubles.


There exists many number of conceptualizations for gambling with Bitcoins. This can be decided finally, by the group of Bitcoin communities for updating themselves with the best possible atmosphere for Bitcoin Gambling by means of exploration. Via going thru the number of reviews and researches, the Bitcoin community members can be able to find an exciting place upon every single day. Now, the benefits that can be accumulated over Gambling by availing Bitcoins can be considered as follows. They are:

Fine Receipts and Payments of Bitcoin are provided by the online BTC Casinos. Because, They are cost economy, that means they can be done with lesser costs. An example can be stated as there is no a need arises for possessing a gambling license. Bitcoin’s Anonymity of transactions The Bitcoin’s energy lies in its anonymity. Because of this great aspect the player’s private or financial information cannot be known by other persons. Hence, they can entertain themselves with Bitcoin gambling to the utmost. Even the same thing can be applicable for withdrawing purposes.

The Fast Transactions of Bitcoins An another salient feature of the Bitcoin is its transactions, that can be performed with a lightning speed. Though, this great feature is considered as one of the boon for the Bitcoin Gambling casinos, some regular online casinos may take many number of business days, for crediting the player’s account with money.

Bitcoins are devoid of Transaction fees Upon payout requests, essentially there is no any fees that is levied. Definitely, this is going to become a hard nut to crack, for other online casinos who depending upon wire or credit card transfers respectively.

Avoidance of tax issues while using Bitcoins. Since, the player need not even needed for furnishing the personal details for opening a Bitcoin Casino Account, the government is not in a position, for levying a tax, even it is interested officially. Whereas, there are even plenty of regular online casinos, that are asking for an official ID like passport etc.


When the moment arrives, for talking about an online gambling website, then the first and the foremost thing, that has to be deemed is mainly the fun, that can be extracted from that site and the genuineness of that website.

Isn’t it ? The qualitative visual effects, the freshness of the audio, and lastly but not least, the response time of the different gaming, all these entire things together tends to function as an essential force in the world of online gambling, by uniting for making the experience of a player either memorable or forgettable. Now there arises a question as follows:

Who are those operators, who can ensure the entire above mentioned qualities, that an online gambling website tends to offer? And will there be any gambling website zone like that?

The immediate answer is surely “Yes”. That is precisely, those qualities can be witnessed in “FortuneJack Casino”. in the year of 2014, like an online Cryptocurrency only casino FortuneJack Casino has taken birth. This gambling website is operated by the operators who have bagged over two decades of experience in their kit.


This is a numero uno top gambling site, developed by the leading software developing companies like Steady Logic and Gambletec inc. This website is offering an awesome and almost an overpowering variety of gaming which are meant for both starters and seasoned players. This casino will be always occupying a front place, in providing fair gaming and also in keeping pace with rapidly growing technology of the online gambling industry.

The players have greatly applauded FortuneJack’s binary options trading. Because, of its 100% deposit bonus and generous loyalty rewards.


For registering at this casino, a player is only needed a username and a password. This results in playing 100% anonymously. However, for having the effective safety, one can only retrieve the password, provided if the email address has been given. For the customers, who are preferring additional account of security, then they can offer a “Security Question Authorization” option for a spare password theft protection. This can be accomplished in the “Account Management” tab.

This casino is in a strong belief that the players trust distributes a solid association with their assurance for safeguarding the personal information. To create and implement the physical, electronic and procedural security provisions for keeping the player’s trust is fabulously important. The casino’s method of information protection, is depended upon the international standards, that ensures the security. Though this casino’s system is finely attributed with the powerful high standard security measures, it is necessary that the player, as the use, must abide by those procedures.


FortuneJack announces more than 500 games upon its site. These entire gaming is logically organized into gambling divisions, depending upon the type. Even there exists a seeking tool which can be useful for allowing a player to quickly locate the beloved game with a minimum effort. Just to enter the name of the game, that is admired to play and the casino responds to the request quickly by finding it to the player and this results in launching the player into the action as quick as possible.


In the slot section alone there prevails over 250 games, that includes the popular titles such as Gold Diggers, Rockstar, Royal Reels, 2 Million BC and True Sheriff and to name a few. When it comes for Jackpot games, a player can try the hand for Mega Gems, Fortune Wheel, Good Girl Bad Girl, Tycoon  Plus and Pharaoh King respectively. There are even plenty of live dealers and roulette games. The poker category here, consists of choices like Joker Poker, jacks or Better, Pyramid Aces and Deuces Wild, and some 30 others among.

The list of live games includes Dragon Tiger, Live Roulette, Live SicBo, Caribbean Poker, Live Baccarat, Texas Poker and Live Blackjack.


As of now, the mobile gambling at this casino is more smoother with phones and tablets, since, FortuneJack had striven hard for the improvisation of mobile offering just recently. Hence, the mobile gambling is functioning much better.

This site is functioning well with both Apple and Android devices like iPhone 6, iPad Air, ZTE, Axon 7, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge respectively. It is to be noted that gambling will be smooth with tiny devices and as a matter of fact there wont be any major bugs either with wifi or 3G/4G mobile data connection.


FortuneJack is a Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino. This would be possible for verifying the fairness of each game played by the player. Kudos! To the Provably Fair System. Because, no other personnel can happens to know the result of a certain deck, till the outcome is generated. But, to the fortune of the players, FortuneJack is enabling its beloved players for knowing the result of a deck, that is relied upon the gambler’s input and a secret number, which is revealed and is changed for every round in every game. This permits the players for testing that the game was played fairly. It has to be noted that the entire gaming region of FortuneJack are Provably Fair.


While majority of the online casinos are offering the bonuses upon the first deposit up to only one BTC, FortuneJack Casino has taken a triumphant step in providing 100% bonus up to three. By relying upon the player’s membership level, the site’s loyalty program even allots with an additional combo point value, dice lossback and poker rakeback. No sooner than, after making the first deposit, a player is automatically can be able to enter into Loyalty Membership and the continuance of gaining the points will results as the player sustains to play. This feature in turn tends to develop the membership level even further.

An another contribution from this casino is its Jack’s Favorite. This tends to reward the players for wagering at least 0.2 BTC upon Keno, Binary Trader, Fortune Slot, Blackjack, Video Poker, Fortune Wheel, endorphina slot, Live games and at least one BTC upon dice.

The mostly appreciated promotion of this casino is Unlucky jack. This promotion will be inclined for returning 20% of the losses for the three players in the form of BItcoins. It is to be remembered that, since this site is always carrying on promotions for making its patrons to be happy, one has to pay a visit for its promotions page for finding out the latest promos.


The coins can be withdrawn for the “Withdraw” section under the “My Account” tab. A button such as “Withdraw” is to be clicked in a simple way for filling the amount of the coins a player is interested for withdrawing. The transaction fees is levied upon with any transfer of coins from one address to another. For the purpose of speeding up the transaction process, this casino pays coin transfer fees for all of its users. So therefore, with that, the withdrawing coins from the casino would be as an immediate process. It would be a great thing to note that, this casino always holds sufficient coins for paying the maximum amount, if several players get winnings within one day.


There are some fine reasons for becoming a fresh player at this casino and why this casino is gaining popularity with the players through out the globe. The following rundown statements proves the above concepts.


Here, at this casino the gaming lobby is always preserved fresh and updated. Since, this casino is having the games from many different providers and designers, the moment when it happens for launching any new game, that is going to be added for the gaming library. This is the main reason for this casino, to display the latest new gaming upon the website.

Always, a prospective player can find many number of more classical kind of casino gaming upon offer. Therefore, that does not matter, what ever it may the favorite game, that will be present upon this site for offer.

A player, when it happens to choose for playing at some casino sites, then there is a chance of finding the stake options, that are available upon majority of the games, which arrives with some very high minimum stake levels. For ensuring the entire players for picking and choosing the actual stakes, that they will be playing any of the gaming for, when logging into this casino site.


For obtaining an enjoyable gaming experience and for enabling the player for receiving the plenty of worth, then it is necessary for completing the sign up formality, that is not only giving the player rewards scheme, but even a generous player rewards scheme.

Fine, that is what exactly this casino is inclined to allot for its players, while playing at this casino. Therefore, every time if a player places a wager, by winning or losing no matter, they are likely to receive comp points.


First of all, for playing any sort of game upon FortuneJack Casino, a player must have to register an account with the website. Creating an account upon this casino is easier and convenient. Here, “join now” has to be clicked simply, which is located in the upper right corner of the page. Then, a player can proceed for entering into the usual account information for the tune of username, email address, country and password respectively. There is no need of entering an email address, however, it is advisable for doing, because there may arise an occasion for resetting the password upon one fine day.

The moment, when a player agrees for the terms and conditions of this casino, after confirming that their age is over 18, then, they can be readied for moving ahead. The account page of the player will appear, after making deposits, withdrawals, viewing balances and involving in person to person transactions. Even a player can opt out from any promos or giveaways, that are interested in taking advantage of.


This casino avails a system which is provably fair, with which the players can test the games in a method of game by game, round by round and even how the gaming input has finalized their result.

This site also uses Cloudflare’s DDos protection, by assuring that set backs will be  lessened. The seals for AskGamblers Certificate of Trust, McAfee Secure and GoDaddy, Security are specifically given at the bottom of the page.

The FortuneJack is licensed by the law of Saint Kitts and Nevis.


The default currency is nothing but Bitcoin at this casino. However, it also avails cryptocurrencies like Litecoin,CLAM, NVC, XDG, DASH, NMC, TDD, PPC, XMR, FJV, AND DOGE Respectively.

Even though, the site says in no uncertain terms, that is has enough coins for paying for the players, whatever it may be the player can be able to win per day, there is no a maximum withdrawal. The most of the withdrawals will be cleared immediately. Here, at this casino one mBTC would be the minimum withdrawal or deposit amount, that has been fixed.

Geographical restrictions are devoid at this casino. Hence, as long as a player dwell in a territory, which allows for online gambling, they are set at liberty for enjoying the entire FortuneJack’s features.

Here, at this casino the customer support functions for round the clock. I.e; 24 hours a day and 7 day per week. The support will be given in the form of email, live chat or via the FortuneJack’s online form.

As of now, it is a well known fact, that FortuneJack is regarded as a cryptocurrency only casino. This is in fact, a fine operator for BTC Gambling. Even that would be better for looking to play with altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, ZCash and Monero respectively. An interesting feature at this casino is the 5BTC + 250 free spins bonus for sweetening the deal and it would be pretty sure the player will be a real winner.